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Small Business Owners . . .
Struggling to Develop a Business the Way You Want it?

Attract …the Number of Clients You WANT

  • the Income You WANT
  • in the TIME you want to give

Are you having trouble finding the breakthru you want or absolutely MUST have? It’s totally alluded you?

Would you like to get 5-10 times more clients spending 5 or more times what you currently get, and  reduce the time you spend on your business down to just a few hours a week?

Most small business owners are caught up in one of two dilemmas:

– Working VERY hard to acquire clients


– Working Long Hours

Actually, THE ANSWER is the same for both issues, and both SIMPLE.  Whether you are trying to acquire more clients faster, acquire clients that will pay LOTS more or whether you are trying to make more while reducing the hours you put into that effort all boils done to ONE THING. Getting the MORE of the RIGHT clients faster so that you spend a lot less time doing it.

One client of mine is on the path to making 3 times what he did last year, but doing it in only 6 hours a week. We restructured his marketing, his sales, and how he delivers so that he’ll generate 3 times more in less than 1/10th the time it was taking him before.

Would you like to know how to do that? Read on . . .

Would you like a steady stream of clients coming to you with a whole lot less effort than you are putting into it now? And what would happen if those clients weren’t the nickel and dime kind? What if they were the kind that would quickly reach into their pockets to not only pay you your current charges, but would pay you 10 times, or maybe 100 times more than you’ve received before?

One of my clients went from acquiring two clients in 6 months, to hundreds a month, generating $25,000 a month for only 4 hours of work a month?

Another, Jennifer, a Mary Kay lady had only made 1 sale a year on her website, hit 36 a week in the first two weeks.

Kevin, a VP of a $3M engineering firm went from $3M to $6M as he stood there and said, “It can’t be done.” When we originally talked he balked when I asked him, “so let’s take a look at how we can double this company.” He was putting in 12 hour days and felt that “doubling” the revenues also meant doubling his hours, 24 hour days. He also didn’t want to manage a larger staff. In weeks he doubled his income while reducing his time to less than 8 hours, AND didn’t add one more person to his staff. In fact, we found another $4M opportunity  that took him to $10M. No more time, no more staff.

Like to do that?

Most business owners THINK they know how to run their business, and yet, they’d like more. Ever hear this: “You just can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and expecting different results?” So what has to change?

When you don’t know what to change, find your answers. What would it do for you to find those answers quickly?

Some answers you may find here:

1)      How to acquire clients faster, easier than ever before. Get more clients!

2)       Finding clients that will pay you 5 times, 10 times, or even 20 times what you’ve made before.

3)       How to run you business from a different perspective. When you’ve focused on “how to operate the business” what would happen if you could find “how to refocus your efforts to go from $100/hour to $500/hour, from $500/hour to $1,000/hour, from $1,000/hour to $5,000/hour?” Think it can’t be done. So did many of my clients . . . until it happened for them.

So, why hasn’t it happened for you already?

There could be many reasons:

  • Working ON your business, not redesigning, refocusing your business.
  • Never have looked at how do I go from $X/hour to 100 times $X per hour, or not knowing how
  • So busy DOING that you don’t see the time to FIX the problems, MULTIPLY the income, and finally, work your way OUT of doing.toward REDESIGNING the business that will generate thousands of dollars per hour.
  • Would you like to make 5 or even 10 times more than you do now and do it in only a few hours a week?

Fact: 99% of all entrepreneurs are focused on DOING what they do rather than on MULTIPLYING their income, their time, their results, everything they do. They are focused on surviving, not generating the income they’d like to have, nor are they looking at working themselves OUT of that business, down to only a few hours a week.

Far too often the tail wags the dog. Here is where a well designed business delivers what you want instead of being at the mercy of everything, the economy, client thoughts and weakness, or whatever.

DESIGN YOUR BUSINESS to deliver what you want the way you want it in the time you want to spend.  Would you like to have the business you want the way you want it?

When you designed this business in the first place didn’t you have a dream of what it would do for you: vacation with the kids and family, spending time doing those things you’ve already dreamed about. But, it’s likely that what you’ve got so far is lots of work that’s not quite producing the income you wanted.

The RESULT: no time to enjoy, not enough money to do what you had wanted.

Isn’t it about time to change that?

Alan Boyer

The $100K Coach

To Your Success

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