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Who The
Heck Is Alan Boyer?

“Every person on earth can become
successful at business,” according to Alan Boyer. They just have to be taught a
different way from what most of them have already been taught or they would
already be there. Most have continued doing
what they’ve always done expecting something new to happen . . . and, of course,
it doesn’t happen that way.

Some are
“trying to fill their hours” – over 90% fail to do that, but of those that do
succeed they quickly discover it wasn’t what they wanted. They are now
overworked and still aren’t making the kind of money they’d like to make.

Alan is a
wiz at showing people how to quickly go from zero to hundreds of clients while
not becoming overworked. He says “It’s simple when you start out headed in the
right direction. Most people were headed in the direction that they were taught
as a kid around ‘watching pennies,’ ‘staying within budget’ and a few other

‘watching pennies” will almost always be looking at ways to “avoid doing what
they need to do because it might cost something” when if they just opened their
mind they quickly discover that a $1 spent here or there will generate $10 over
there, $100, over here, and $1,000 some where else. They will spend that $1 and
have $1,000, while the one ‘watching pennies’ will still be saying that either
he can’t spend the dollar, or . . . that he doesn’t even have it.

Alan is a
business coach who helps his clients find breakthroughs and:

  • Develop the Knowledge of how to run a
    business so that they get more clients with the least effort, least time,
    and least money to get there

  • Develop the skills of doing that
    successfully. Just knowing how frequently isn’t enough. He helps his clients
    become GOOD at doing it, not just knowing how. In other words, he delivers
    RESULTS not just knowledge.

  • Overcome the mindsets that have kept
    them from achieving the breakthroughs.

Alan has
seen a larger client of his go from one client a month to 1,500 a month and
$80,000 a day in sales. He has seen small single proprietor businesses, MLM’s,
coaches, consultants, and others go from 1 client a year to getting in front of
72 within a couple of weeks.

His techniques require no special skills, no “insider contacts,” and little or
no money.

“It’s simple. Anyone can duplicate what I’ve done once they stop stepping on
their own feet and going all of the wrong directions. Not only will I prove that
statement, I’ll teach people exactly what to do and how to do it, so they can
prove it to themselves.”

“I don’t care if a person has a little home based business in a small town or if
he has a huge, multinational corporation. I can teach them how to overcome the
barriers that have held them back, and find the multipliers that will leap them
forward by several times.”

Mr. Boyer has 30 years of experience in business, production, and quality processes
ranging from executive of an international corporation to owning his own small
businesses, to being consultant and coach inside of some of the larger
corporations and for the last 7 years has run his own coaching and consulting
company helping many smaller businesses leap forward by many times. .

Included among his most significant accomplishments:

  • Improving Sony Corp. of America U.S. manufacturing and subcontractors from worst to the best in the Sony network in 2 years.
  • Chairman of the international committee who developed the compact disk
  • Represented Sony Corp of America on national and international standards committees, including Chairman Electronic Industries Consumer Electronic committee that developed the standards for the Compact Disk player.

The Leader’s Perspective –
Kansas City Metro Area Office

Alan Boyer
6 Pemford Place
Liberty, MO 64068

Tel 816-916-6141
Fax 816-781-4312

Email: AlanBoyer@leaders-perspective.com

Alan Boyer Bio

Alan Boyer (CQF, CPMF) founder and President

He is Chairman and CEO of The Leader’s Perspective, a company he founded, and has over 400 affiliates. He has worked in 49 of the 50 states, throughout the Pacific Rim, as well as in several countries of Europe and the Middle East.

His thinking style assists organizations to recognize and breakthrough their existing paradigms in order to solve strategic problems and generate non-traditional approaches to work through difficult situations. Alan understands the distinction between simply conducting “training sessions” and facilitating meetings with potentially complex subject matter.

He is an executive coach, business consultant, and manufacturing consultant. His small-business coaching clients often experience a quick hit by doubling their business within weeks. Where he has worked in larger manufacturing organizations, he has doubled process speeds on the manufacturing floor and saved 10’s of millions of dollars.

He has led or facilitated meetings with major corporations and associations such as 3-M, Lear Jet Stereo, Sprint, National Association of Broadcasters, Electronic Industries Association, Electronic Industries Association of Japan, and others. While Chair of the EIA Consumer Electronic Standards committee he oversaw the development of the Compact Disc Player test standards.

He is a Certified Quality Facilitator, as well as a Certified Post-Merger Facilitator for the Total Quality Institute, bringing experience to the mergers and acquisitions field helping clients through the difficult times of combining companies and cultures.

  • Certified Quality Facilitator
  • Certified Post-Merger Facilitator with Total Quality Institute

Mr. Boyer has spent a large portion of his career traveling throughout the Pacific Rim teaching international companies how to improve quality and reduce costs.

He also owns 4 companies of his own.

He was selected for Who’s Who Among U.S. Executives in 1989. He was selected as Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council under Missouri Congressman Tom Delay, Majority Leader of Congress in 2003, and received the National Leadership Award from the National Republican Congressional Committee. He is 2003 VP of the National Speakers Association Kansas City Chapter. He also co-authored the book, “Maintain Balance in an Unsteady World.”

His previous career included both executive level and line/management responsibilities in several major companies including Sony Corporation of America, 3-M, Sprint, Lear Jet Stereo, Maxon Electronics, Maxon North America, Pivot International, and others.

While managing quality at Sony Corporation of America, he took the combined U.S. Sony-owned manufacturing facilities and Sony subcontractors from worst quality in the Sony world to best within two years. This is quite significant considering Japanese quality and the status that Sony has in that culture. He was able to improve not only quality but also increase manufacturing process speeds by four times in most facilities.

He has spent a large portion of his career helping companies develop their business, and develop manufacturing processes and quality the Japanese way. He has helped companies through the ISO9000 certification process and has been a worldwide quality coordinator for an international company.

He has consulted in or managed projects nearing $5 billion, resulting in cost savings and process improvements that exceeded 10’s of millions of dollars per year.

The Leader’s Perspective, 6 Pemford Place, Liberty, MO 64068
Helping People and Companies Worldwide Reach Further than they ever thought possible….FASTER
Home Office is in Kansas City, MO area
Phone 816-415-8878

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Alan Boyer
Leaders Perspective
6 Pemford Place
Liberty, MO 64068

email: alanboyer@leaders-perspective.com

Phone: 816-415-8878
(Kansas City, MO area)