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Are you a great coach/consultant but seriously struggling to get enough clients?

And no matter what you’ve tried it just isn’t getting ANY better?============================

  • Are you aware that 90% of all coaches will fail within a few months?
  • Or that fewer than 10% ever make more than $20K, and fewer than 1% make more than  $100K?

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How to
Grow a Super Star coaching Business Nearly Overnight

Here’s a tip:

  • Don’t copy what everyone else is doing.
  • Learn from what the 1% are doing, the super stars.
    If you agree Then READ on!

    You are about to find out

Would you like to stop struggling? And SOON?

Get more clients than you’ve even dared to imagine based on your past results?
Build a Super Star Size Practice within Weeks
Consistently deliver MEASURABLE leads and sales every week
Communicate your marketing message in a way that prospects become interested in what you offer…

I work with Coaches and consultants who want to build a super star size practice within a few weeks but haven’t even been able to get enough to pay the bills…up ‘til now!

I’ll help you get more clients than you have ever imagined, based on your past performance…. in the next few weeks. In fact about 80% of my clients double their business in 3-4 weeks

In the next few weeks you will

  • Learn how the successful coaches/consultants do it.
  • Have a step-by-step plan that shows you how to run not just a SUCCESSFUL business, but will show you how to develop a super star size coaching practice.
  • Turn your marketing from the black magic it has seemed to be with vague results, into a step-by-step plan that will consistently deliver the number of leads you want for every activity you do.
  • Find additional opportunities to multiply

  • Revenue
  • Profit

  • Marketing results/leads/sales closes
  • What a client pays you by
  • MULTIPLE times

Here’s the results for just one coach

She was having trouble selling her $5,000 coaching at $250/hour. She found a way to sell a $250 introductory program to 50 to 100 people monthly that generated $12K-$25K a month making her $3,000 to $6,000/hour, AND she had a waiting list for her $5,000 coaching.

I understand your challenges and pain. I’ve been there. I spent the first two years of my independent coaching practice struggling to get enough clients. Then one day I ran into a fantastic super star coach of my own who showed me how to overcome the problems, and build a system that consistently would deliver. I went from 1 client a month to having 40-50 people a month in my seminars. I also learned that there is a way to develop marketing that can consistently deliver a measurable result every time I do it.

Then I ran into other super coaches, and each time I learned how to move to new levels that I had never even imagined before, at least for me.

Would you like to explore some of those ideas?

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Hi I’m Alan Boyer, owner of The Leader’s Perspective. And, yes, there ARE better, more successful ways to build a coaching practice. If you’d like to build your coaching or consulting business you’ve come to the right place.

Are you someone we can help?
click here first to find out. If you want to jump right in, get my free “Secrets to Building Your Super Star Coaching and Consulting Business Workbook today at the link below.

Free Building a Super Star Coaching Consulting Business Free first chapter of “Secrets to Building a Super Star Coaching and Consulting Business + Free Workbook

You can become a successful coach or consultant today by getting my free workbook with a detailed outline of all of the activities you need to start building your successful business

This is the first chapter that will help you evaluate and define what has to happen next in your business.

It will identify

  • The exact steps and measurements to build a successful business.
  • Where your gaps are and what to do about it.

If you are good at coaching and consulting, but just haven’t been able to put together the rest of the business, you haven’t gotten in front of enough prospects, closed enough sales, and have no idea how to turn that around, your answers are here.

Or jump right to…

Building a Super Star Coaching Consulting Business Secrets to Building a Super Star Coaching Ebook

You can become a successful coach or consultant today by getting my free workbook with a detailed outline of all of the activities you need to start building your successful business

This is the whole enchilada. Everything you ever wanted to know about building a Super Star Coaching Business…FAST

  • Shows you the overview, number of activities that lead to exactly the measurable results you want, the revenue you want, the customers you will need.
  • How to be a better marketer and attract more clients? This manual gives you all the information, tools and resources you need.
  • Developed exclusively for Coaches and Consultants based on what has worked for my business, and the businesses of several coaches and consultants. I share with you some things that have resulted in responses to our marketing up in the 40+% area.

    It focuses on the principles and practices proven to work for marketing professional services. Includes manual, and many other valuable reports and bonuses.

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    Get 30 Seconds to Prospects Chasing You NOW

    30 Seconds to
    Prospects CHASING YOU

    This may be the ONE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do for your coaching business. Frankly, when I started doing this . . . it was the turning point in my business.

    This is THE KEY to connecting with 5-10 times more people, and maybe LOTS more. I’ve had 50% of a roomfull in just a simple 30 second introduction rush me after the meeting.

    , . . this one principle . . ., and the very next time I spoke I got 5-10 times more referrals than I’ve ever gotten. My business hasn’t beenthe same since.

    Creston Witte, SoPro Signs

    • Develop the most important thing you can say in public, in your print marketing that will get you more clients.
    • Develop what you SHOULD say in every kind of marketing
    • How to COMPEL People you talk to to ask you for help.
    • Your marketing should just generate some interest, it should COMPEL them to ask for your help.
    • Learn what has been wrong with EVERYTHING you have been saying in public and in print
    • Learn what to say at the top of your website that will increase your calls 5-10 times, or more.
    • If you aren’t getting at least one call a month from your website, this is the answer to getting many calls a month.
    • If your print marketing hasn’t been landing you 5% to 10%, learn why and how to change that.
    • Developed exclusively for Coaches and Consultants based on what has worked for my business, and the businesses of several coaches and consultants. I share with you some things that have resulted in responses to our marketing up in the 40+% area.

    Or participate in our live virtual workshop:

    FastTrack to Super Star coaching business FastStart to a Super Star Coaching Business is a 4-Session virtual program held weekly with participants from around the world.

    In this program I will share with you what I’ve learned as I’ve built my business.

    This program zeros in on the most important principles of developing, running, and optimizing your business. And EVEN more Important — will share with you the marketing principles and practices that are proven to consistently attract your clients. That is the number 1 gap in most coaching and consulting businesses.

    Next Program starts May 8, 2007.

    Thank you for visiting. You might want to bookmark this page. You’ll want to return.

    All the best,
    Alan Boyer

    70% Appointment setting rate
    with $100M companies

    Dan Light — Dan Light Consulting

    The results I got from working with Alan in his coaching the coaches group: 70% appointment setting rate to letters we sent to $100M companies.

    The last campaign was 37 letters, 26 appointments — 70% appointment setting ratio.

    Dan Light,
    Dan Light Direct Consulting.

    …top search engine ranking

    …opened 2nd office

    Leanne Hoagland Smith — Advanced Systems

    By working with Alan I was able to better optimize my website and now have the number one Google position for business coach Indianapolis and the number three position for business coach Chicago.  I have taken what I have learned from Alan and infused it into my Internet article marketing activities as well as helping my clients to better optimize their websites.

    Leanne Hoagland Smith
    Advanced Systems

    Internet connection with BIG Businesses

    Keith Lawrence —
    The Transparency Group Coaching

    Alan helped me with internet marketing bringing me in contact with some pretty big companies, Logitech, Coca Cola, and others.

    Keith Lawrence
    The Transparency Group

    40% Response Rate to Marketing Closing 90% on First Meeting

    Cheryl Clausen —
    Coaching MegaAgents

    “I had been told repeatedly by other coaches that direct mail does not work in coaching yet I enjoyed a 28% response rate from my first multi-mailing campaign. Now I’ve reached 40% response to marketing, and 90% close rate on first meeting.

    The problem is that most people won’t be consistent and persistent in their direct mail campaigns, they won’t have the right message, and they won’t make the effort to send their message to the right target group of potential clients.  Alan will get you to move out of the micro-inspection box and into the macro-focus-results box, so you too can have any number of appointments you want coming to you from your direct mail campaigns”.

    Cheryl Clausen
    President Coaching Mega-Agents

    • More business in  last 4 weeks
    • Than the previous 7 months

    Deborah Thode —
    Inside Out Solutions

    Since my participation with Alan’s group, my business has taken off.

    I spent the first seven months in business wondering if I had made a mistake as I couldn’t even make appointments.

    In the past four weeks, since working with Alan, I’ve had no fewer than five appointments each week that have resulted in three new coaching clients and one new business client. That’s quite a bit more than double – but I’m not complaining.

    Not only has Alan helped me understand who my client is and narrow my target market, his help in getting my website noticed is remarkable.

    Prior to meeting with Alan, my website didn’t even register on the tracking reports. Alan has provided me with the needed direction so that my website is finally getting the traffic it deserves and it only improves each week.

    What Alan excels at is explaining the marketing process from the point of the consumer and he gets you to measure your activity and results. Two tasks that have taken my business to where it is now by giving me the results I not only wanted, but needed.

    Deborah Thode
    Inside Out Solutions, Jacksonville, FL

    Cold Call Appointments to Live Call — 40%

    Rocky Ramero —
    Profit Coaching

    After working with Alan my cold calling jumped up to about 40% successful appointments to live calls.

    My success is more confidence on the phone for obtaining appointments, additional clarity about marketing support to my clients, and certainty in myself that I can increase my client base consistently.  I have obtained two more clients this past week.

    Rocky Ramero
    Profit coaching

    The Leader’s Perspective LLC
    6 Pemford Place, Liberty, MO 64068
    Helping People and Companies Worldwide Reach Further than they ever thought possible….FASTER
    Home Office is in Kansas City, MO area
    Phone 816-415-8878

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