Executive Coaching

A Kansas City Executive Coach Can Help You Find That Breakthrough

Struggling Executives, CEOs, Business Owners

If You Could Achieve the Breakthrough You’ve Been Wanting

Within days or weeks, not just SOME TIME in the future

How Many Dollars Would You Suddenly Achieve That Have Been Out of Reach

…..until now?

Get an executive coach that delivers results

We work with clients to find the path to be SUDDENLY on top

What are you struggling with?

What has kept you from achieving the level you thougHT you should have already achieved?

Contact the Breakthrough specialists

We’ve been successful with company after company achieving what has often been thought of as impossible, or at least very difficult.


We’ve helped Companies

· Double their growth rate in weeks

· Helped struggling companies stop struggling

CEOs/business owners/managers/directors

· Overcome their worst nightmares

· Increase sales success 4-5 times

· Increase marketing results 5-10 times

Alan doubled my business in 3 weeks…we are up over 6 times in 6 months.

Steve Wiegert

President, Clean-Air Pros

We’re one of the largest freight insurance companies…all I asked for was help to get one new major client a month—we’re getting
100+ calls a day now.

Coaching — Marketing Momentum

The Leader’s Perspective

Helping People and Companies Worldwide Reach Further than they EVER thought possible….FASTER

Call us now – 816-415-8878Explore the Possibilities – Guaranteed Results

Our Executive Coaches

Alan Boyer

Alan Boyer Pix-- Executive coachBreaththrough specialist, Executive coach— finding those things that catapult YOU and YOUR business way beyond expectations. Typically doubling small businesses in weeks, and doubling large business growth.

Keith Lawrence

Corporate turnaround specialist–Executive Coach

Would you like to have someone Like Jack Welch, or Lee Iococa as your coach. Well’ this is your chance. Keith is the Executive VP of Mitsubishi North America a SUPER-SIZED turnaround specialist. Call us, we’ll give you a free hour with one of the world’s turnaround specialists that has made hundreds of milliosn of dollars difference for the largest corporations in the world.

Keith Lawrence, Executive VP of Mitsubishi North America, Corporate Turnaround Specialist
Anita Burney — Business Coach NW Arkansas

Anita is a business coach / Life coach with New Freedom-Business Builders in Northwest Arkansas. Anita combines her professional organizer skills and a Christian minister perspective to bring fresh new perspectives to her clients.  As an entrepreneur of various small businesses, Anita has also worked as a “first impression” consultant, and has had various positions in creative sales and marketing, especially in the field of tourism.

Len Gustafsson–Mergers and Acquisitions

Len Gustafsson Pix--Mergers and Acquisition specialist, personal coach

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Executive Coach– Leanne coaches individuals, small businesses and large organizations to double performance in warp time. As The Small Business Coach, Leanne shares the Secrets of Success Leanne Hoagland Smith--Executive Business Coach

The Leader’s Perspective LLC
6 Pemford Place, Liberty, MO 64068
Helping People and Companies Worldwide Reach Further Than They ever Thought Possible….FASTER
Home Office is in Kansas City, MO area
Phone 816-415-8878

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Strategic Planning should find the critical areas to multiply your business.

Get your copy of the

"Steps to Finding the Multipliers in Your Business"



Steps for Planning an Effective Business Include:


  • Basic Foundation
  • Business Philosophy
  • Vision Statement
  • Values and Principles
  • Vision
  • External Assessment
  • Internal Appraisal
  • Mission Statement
  • Organizational Goals
  • implementation


The Results are Measurable:


  • Increased Market Share
  • Maximized Return on Your Intellectual Capital
  • Increased Shareholder Earnings
  • Strengthened Focus on Attracting, Servicing, and Keeping Customers
  • Greater Employee Contributions to Results Realized
  • Defined Strategic Direction
  • Corporate Values Developed and Sustained
  • Motivated Employees
  • Resources Allocated
  • Success Defined
  • Teams Created
  • Guidelines for Delegation and Decision Making Provided
  • Pro-active Management Promoted
  • Trends and Technologies Identified
  • Sense of Purpose Created

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