Why your marketing has not worked

Why your marketing has not been working, and, frankly, how you can increase your results 10 to 100 times more.

It’s quite simple really when you understand why what you have already been doing doesn’t get you any, or many clients, and the simple things that attract at least 100 times more people.

First, what not to do that you have very likely been doing.

Marketing is NEVER about

  • You, your products/services, your processes, what you do, your experience or your credentials.

Huh? Isn’t that what you always thought you were supposed to do, tell them all about your products and services, maybe that you have this special process that works better, or that you’ve been doing this for 20 years, or you have this fantastic degree.


Why? Well, let me ask you this question. If you have been doing whatever it is you do, does that in any way guarantee that you’ll deliver them ANY results whatsoever, or that it’ll be valuable? I know people that have done what you do for over 20 years and someone that has done it less than 6 months delivers 100 times more results. SO just saying “I do XYZ” or “I am an ABC”  doesn’t tell them anything about getting any results, or how big or valuable.

In other words you can say what you have been saying for the next 20 years and get no more clients than you do now, zero, or even only a few.

What should you be saying? 

Simple what they want from you. A specific result that they would nearly kill to get. And also how much value.

  • Results (something they would nearly kill to get, and they will literally fight to get it. You won’t have to keep pushing it)
  • Value (the bigger the better)
  • Emotion, exciting. As I said above, the right thing and they will nearly kill to get it, that’s the emotion we are looking for. 

So does “I am a ____________” tell them anything about Results, how big, or how exciting? Not even close.

Let me share a typical networking event where a doctor is standing right in front of his most ideal client, but, so far neither of them know that. And let’s try several different very typical ways of sharing that you probably have done that don’t work.

This doctor is standing right in front of his ideal client, but they don’t know anything about each other yet. And the ideal patient says “what do you do?:

I am going to step you from what doesn’t work to the final answer where the ideal patient or client, is almost on his hands and knees begging the doctor to help. I want you to see why the typical steps don’t work, and how each step higher gets better and better.

1. I  am a doctor.

This is a typical answer to what do you do. Don’t EVER do it. Why? Well it doesn’t answer what the ideal client wants, specific results, and how big and how important, how valuable are the results.

Being a doctor does not in any way tell the person anything about the results nor value

The other thing is, let’s say that the ideal patient is actually dying from pancreatic cancer, and very likely has already seen dozens of plain old doctors who said they couldn’t help. So one more plain old doctor they don’t even want to see.

Also notice, a label that is “plain old” anything is not very desirable. So a plain old label about what you think you are isn’t working. Right?

2 I am an oncologist

The more specific you are about any label, or result the more likely it will grab attention.

So going from I am a doctor to I am an oncologist is very likely to have someone with cancer, to at least ask, what kind of cancer? But I’d bet they don’t even know what to ask to determine how much value.

3. I help pancreatic cancer patients who have been told that they have less than 6 months to live. 80% of my clients walk out cured in 3 months or less.

Notice something different here. No mention of the label, what they do, no process, no experience, no degrees. Onlly a specific result, and who they help. They help pancreatic cancer patients. And especially those who have already been told that they are dying within 6 months.

You can BET YOUR OWN life on the fact that this patient will immediately jump and demand more info.

Next, you give THE VALUE, how important and how big.  80% of their patients  are cured within six months. Value — their life. And they had already been told by another doctor that he coulnd’t help and that this person was likely going to die.

So, let me ask you this. What is the likely response from this person standing in front of this doctor? I’d say that they will IMMEDIATELY ask if they can get an appoint and how fast. And they may even be on their hands and knees, BEGGING to get onto this doctors appointment list as soon as they can.

Notice how each one got more powerful, and irresistible?

Now let me ask you this. Have you ever had a client who responded this way, down on his hands and knees, and actually begging you to help them?

The only reason you haven’t seen this is that you have been talking about what you do, your procuess, experience, degree, and that doesn’t tell them what they’d get from you.

And, when it comes to value, how valuable are your services anyway. I do hear from a lot of my clients, “Oh, well, I don’t have anything that valuable.”

Well, then that is your perspective, and it’s also likely that you convey a value that is far less than what your client would be willing to pay. And that’s why your marketing hasn’t been working well.

So if you would like to learn how to develop a marketing message that would literally have someone jumping into your lap and begging you to help them, then join me either for a one on one discussion  where we can work on that (call 816-415-8878) or check out my video course


Alan Boyer
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